Hello. My name is Thea. I raced under the name “That’s Greek to me.” Can you believe that? One of the vet techs said I needed a beautiful Greek name and she called me Thea - it means goddess.

I’m not sure how a goddess is supposed to behave, so I have been extra good in my first real home. My foster mom says, she hardly knows I am here, because I am so quiet and easy to get along with. I am sure a goddess would never leave a mess, so I have been very careful about that.

One silly thing I like to do is lie on my back and then wriggle around. Okay, so perhaps that is not particularly elegant or goddess-like, but it sure feels good! I am learning about walking on a leash and playing with toys. I enjoy car rides, especially when the car ride leads to the pet store where I meet many admirers. I get along with the other dogs, but also have the confidence to be an only dog.

It’s only been a short time, but I think I’ve got this goddess thing, down pat!