Are you patient? I’m patient. I take my time with everything. I like to check things out before I decide if they’re OK. People say I’m shy, but really I’m just observing to figure things out first. After I get to know them, people are great. They scratch all the places I can’t reach and take me on sidewalk adventures! And they give me treats for going potty outside, and treats for approaching those slippery stairs, and treats with medicine inside. They think I don’t know there’s medicine in there, but really cheese is just sooo yummy! I like to play with Mr. Duck - he squeaks when we wrestle. I want to play with my cat roommates, but they don’t understand dog-speak, so I just let them be. I learn really fast - my foster parents are super impressed with how smart I am. I’m still looking for my perfect, patient, permanent parents, but I know I’ll see them soon. Why do you think I’m so observant?