Soho has taken to family life like she was born for it… and maybe she was! After all, at less than 18 months old, the professionals decided racing life was not for her. While she was pretty scared leaving the vet to go to a house for the first time, in just days she has settled right in. Stairs, windows, hard floors, and home appliances have been no problem from the get go. Cats on the other hand were a little scary at first, until she realized they are not really tiny terrible fur monsters, and now she’s perfectly willing to share her people and petting with the resident felines. Joggers were quite terrifying too, but now she knows they’re not out to get her either, and she pays them no more mind than she pays the deer - we have startled quite a few on our morning walks. Soho tends to respond to new situations with a bit of hesitation, but she’ll take her cues from her people, and she learns fast.

This sweet girl is happy to meet new people, of the two- or four-legged variety. She’ll willingly wade through the shallow creek to keep up with our daughter or walk the neighborhood with me, and she had fun at the dog park, but her favorite things to do are back at home - following us from room to room and for scratches and kisses, or just taking a nap wherever her people are.

All this cutie pie wants is a confident and affectionate forever family to call her own.