Girl Scout has been the perfect house guest and playmate for her foster sister. From day one, she wanders into her crate when she feels like it. She has been very trustworthy at night so we have just left the crate door open in our bedroom and she crawls right in for the night. When we are leaving the house she takes a treat in there and seems content to slumber until we return. I’m quite confident that left alone wandering the house while we are away that there would not be any issues.

She is very even tempered, even when her foster sister is hogging all the toys. She hasn’t gotten on any furniture but I think if she was offered a spot on your bed, she would gladly oblige. Her foster sister let her know early on that this was off limits to her!

She is quite playful, throwing the stuffed animal toys up in the air and catching them in her mouth. She enjoys hikes and neighborhood walks although she pulls a little hard at the beginning of the walk until she settles into her groove.

Girl Scout will make a great addition to your family. We will miss her when she is gone.