Ruby Red

Ruby is a petite, 1.5 year old sweetheart who enjoys relaxing days on the couch. She also loves being outside in all weather conditions and would probably love a backyard to explore! She walks without pulling and ignores all little critters, cats, and even other dogs. She is a little shy, but walks with confidence with other dogs (especially greyhounds!). She sleeps in her crate at night and does not cry or bark. At night, she knows she sleeps in her crate and if you point to her crate and say “Ruby crate” she walks in. She is house trained and able to be left alone out of the crate without getting into any trouble. I have left her for a maximum of 7 hours while at work with no issues whatsoever. Strange or loud noises scare Ruby (screaming, strong winds, motorcycles, etc.). She seems nervous when children approach her, typically because they fulfill the criteria for sounding loud. Since no children live with me, she isn’t exposed to them on a daily basis so I think if she was she would be fine. She is a fast learner and adjusts according to whatever is in your routine! I believe she responds best to routine. Walk first thing in the morning, go to the bathroom in the same spots, come inside and eat. She typically goes on multiple little walks throughout the day as opposed to one or two big long ones. She has tried a few, but sometimes if in a public area, she gets overwhelmed by the stimulation around her and may stop walking if upset about something. Ruby shows no signs of aggression at all! I have cuddled with her, touched her teeth, taken food away, reached into her crate, all with no aggression issues. Ruby rebels when displeased by your actions by refusing to move. And you can tell if she is nervous if she is shaking or her tail is between her legs. Once Ruby adjusted she became a sweet addition to the household! She has major potential to be molded into an awesome family dog, especially since she is so young and responds well to training.