Hi, my name is Preston and I’m a lapdog. No, really…I think I need to sit in your lap.

I will stand in front of you until you pet me. I’m not shy asking to be pet.

I love toys.

My foster mom says I have joie de vivre. I am happy to see everybody, and my tail shows how joyful I am by how fast it goes.

My foster mom says that I’m still learning my leash manners. I’m learning to walk right next to whoever I’m walking with and not pull, but sometimes that is hard, because I am SO excited to go on walks.

I love squeakers in toys.

I love people. I love having my ears scratched. I love having someone to play with. I’m learning to catch toys in mid-air. My foster mom likes to play a game…who is faster with the toys; me getting them out of the basket or her putting them in. I’m working to improve my time.

I like collecting toys. I don’t get on the furniture, but I like to have my own spot, to collect my toys.

I’m in a foster home with another grey, three cats and a real boy. I like to run with the other grey and play with the boy. I pay very little attention to the cats, though they are quite friendly.

I am crate trained, but it’s not my favorite thing.

Did I mention how much I love toys?