This is sweet Poppy! She’s young and on the small side, as far as greyhounds go. While only a few days into her new foster home, Poppy has adjusted quickly and is doing great with her new adult and kid family members. Poppy quickly designated her foster mom as her new pack leader and is very comfortable following her lead. Poppy is curious and gentle with her new 8 and 6 year old family members and accepts pets & massages from them always, even when lying on her bed. She prefers to be in the room with her new human family as she lies on her bed and naps.

Poppy arrived crate trained and spends time in and out of her crate throughout the day. While Poppy is comfortable being in her crate when her family is not home, she recently spent a few hours out of her crate when her family was out and did great!

She’s not food motivated. She tries to chase squirrels but doesn’t seem too interested in cats. She loves her walks and is great on leash. There have been a few moments during a walk when Poppy will freeze in panic, usually over unknowing people or intense dogs approaching her. With some confident & gentle nudging Poppy moves through the moment and continues walking.

Even though Poppy is adjusting quickly and well, her foster mom wonders if she would be happier with other greyhounds. Hopefully we will know the answer soon!