Pearl is as beautiful as her name; her white coat is dappled with light brown ticking and her left ear is covered in brindle. She is a looker!

At 19 months, she is full of curiosity and boundless energy which occasionally gets her into trouble. She has been caught counter surfing, “tasting” non-food items, drinking out of the toilet, and gathering all available throw rugs into a pile. 😄 Pure puppy!!

Despite her walks on the wild side, Pearl corrects well. She is crate trained, does her business outside, and walks well on leash. She is a lap dog extraordinaire, and loves to give kisses.

Pearl is a big girl, and in her exuberance could easily knock over a small child (or unwary adult). She is good with the resident male greyhound, and will play and romp with him. She is showing some dominant tendencies, so she may not do well in a house with an overtly dominant female or male. She is a love bucket though, and just can’t get enough human interaction.”

Has not be kid, cat, or small dog tested.