Paola is a beautiful 8 year old gentile lady. She has taken to home life very quickly and enjoys lounging around the house. She does very well in her crate at night, and we leave the crate door open throughout the day.

She loves to go out for walks and rides in the car. In fact she will lay down in front of the garage door so she won’t miss an opportunity to go out for a ride. She does very well out and about, no issues with other pets so far. She loves her evening walks, although the local rabbit population is not too happy about her moving to the neighborhood. You have to keep a firm hold on her leash as she is very interested in chasing after them.

She goes outside for bathroom breaks on a regular basis. We have only had one accident and that was her first day. She had trouble eating in the beginning but has adjusted to her new food. We put Greek yogurt in her food to try and cut down on her gas problem.

She has a daily routine which involves getting brushed. She stands patiently while she is being groomed. She does real well with baths, again standing patiently as she gets cleaned up.

We introduced her to squeaky toy, but she isn’t sure what to do with them. She loves the sound but she hasn’t picked up the game of fetch yet. One of her favorite things to do is to sneak items from around the house and stash them in her crate. Shoes, cloths, etc. She hasn’t chewed or destroyed anything yet.

She is just a great greyhound. Very gentile, very loving.