A true mom through and through, Opal ran 89 races before retiring to mother 37 offspring. Finally, at age 9 years, she arrived in the arms of GPA-CT volunteers, ready for a break from all of those puppies and badly in need of extensive dental work. Despite being in serious oral pain, she was an excellent car rider all the way to the vet and very affectionate. In fact, she even stole the heart of her attending veterinarian, who had eyes for her before she even awoke from anesthesia. After the first night in her foster home, following much needed veterinary care, her foster family reported: “Opal is amazing, she is really interested in the kids (in a good way), seems to just want to be near them. She’s the loveliest!” Even more amazing, she was this sweet, energetic and chipper, having just undergone spay surgery and eight molar extractions and a thorough dental cleaning, having little appetite for food. One tough cookie! Continued reports from her foster family say that “she is eating much better and is the most engaged girl, really smart! GREYT greyt ggggggggreyt with my kids, she wants to be involved in whatever they’re doing! Love her! She even crawls into people’s laps for affection. And she easily keeps up with my 3 year old greyhound any day!” She must really be feeling better, as her appetite for cats has returned full force. No one told this golden girl she’s 9 years old!