Maybelline’s personality is just starting to shine through. Her tattoos are difficult to read so she may be five years old but we suspect she may be younger, maybe as young as three judging by her teeth which are in great shape. She is very happy to hang out in her crate but has just discovered the joys of dog beds. She has discovered squeaky toys and loves to collect them in her crate to keep her company while she naps. She really enjoys just being outside or relaxing in the grass. She and her host dog Zella, are always up for some full throttle zoomies around the backyard before a leisurely puppy nap. She and Zella enjoy walks in the neighborhood and she does well on her leash. She has shown no interest in getting on any of the furniture but has done a little counter surfing now and then. She loves getting her neck rubbed and just yesterday assumed the “roach” position for the first time. She really wants to please her humans so is very responsive to a “no”. She is a real sweetie and full of puppy love. Maybelline is a really easy dog and is looking forward to joining her forever family.