Maizie has fit into home life very well. She is very sweet, loving, and curious. Maizie waits patiently for you to come home and is very excited to get her tummy rubbed. She is not a jumper and will not jump on the bed or the couches either. She does however like to look at herself in the mirror and will look at herself for minutes at a time. She is very good with children, she loves to play chase and fetch in the yard. She doesn’t get along with small animals very well; she will chase. Maizie is very sweet and very kind. She loves to be loved on. She is working on a few puppy habits that she has. She has chewed a couple of things that she is not supposed to, but we have traded those things for bones and it is getting much better. She works well with being on a schedule, and she does go to the potty outside and is crate trained and will sleep through the night. Maizie loves to be by your side, she will follow you throughout the home and outside when you go play. For being a pup, she has not become a couch potato, but she will lay next to you on the floor for a nap on her blanket. Maizie loves her squeaky toys.