Don’t let the grey in this greyhound fool you; I’m only six years old and lots of spunk left in me. I’m a bit shy when I first meet someone, but a few treats and ear scratches and I’m all yours! I like other dogs, but if a small animal runs, I can’t help but chase it. I like plush, squeaky toys and things I can chew on. My favorite toy right now is a squeaky ball my foster mom got me. I don’t like it thrown over my head, but I’ll chase it and squeak it until the puppy steals it from me. I like older, quieter kids; the little ones who scream and run around scare me, but I’m still quick enough to run away and hide by my foster mom. My perfect home would be adults or a family with older children and another dog I can play with. A yard isn’t totally necessary as long as I get good walks and a trip to the dog park every now and then.