Jacy is a younger, active female who needs a home that provides toys, activity and lots of play. Only 50 lbs. and with gorgeous “eyeliner” and dark face. Dainty yet playful, Jacy is curious, puppy-like, and likes to follow her foster family from room to room. She enjoys walks and playing in the yard with her foster brother, the Italian Greyhound. She seeks affection and is good with other playful dogs. Jacy passed cat- and small-dog testing with flying colors, and has not shown interest in chasing squirrels. Jacy was retired early due to her disinterest in lure-chasing. Jacy has a sensitive tummy and needs a home that can provide her with a high quality diet to ensure a happy belly. She doesn’t like to be alone or crated, preferring to embrace retirement fully and enjoys being with her people. Little Jacy would do best in an active home with humans and doggie companions who are home to include her in much of their day, or who can take her to doggie day care while at work. She has been known to share toys and beds with smaller dogs and, while not a retriever, can even play tug or Frisbee with her miniature canine companions.