49 lbs of bouncing boy and growing, Jack is a red-coated 6 month old who is still growing into his big floppy ears and oversized paws. Jack loves toys, bones and anything he can explore or chew. His eye injury was checked out by our veterinary ophthalmologist and he’s been given the green light; his condition is stable, and he is able to see light and some shapes from his left eye, while having full vision in his right eye. A bit of corneal scarring caused some clouded vision in only one eye, but no one told Jack, because it doesn’t slow him down at all! Jack loves to play and is learning to be a retired greyhound. He has been practicing his naps, mixed with plenty of romping and playing as any boy would enjoy. Jack has a shiny and slightly wavy red coat; he has completed all of his meds, neuter and exams, and is gaining weight and filling in nicely. Jack is very smart, already knows how to sit and is learning to “shake paws/hands”. Jack is not currently crated, but could learn to be crated with a little patience and consistency. Cat-possible, cat-testing pending.