Hurley is a five year old red neutered male. He is an incredibly sweet boy. His former family had to give him back for personal reasons and we can’t wait to find his perfect forever family!! He hasn’t spent much time around other dogs so introducing him to other canine animals of your family should be taken slowly. Because he hasn’t met many dogs, he doesn’t understand the dynamics. He can be pushy, so dogs that push back scare him a little bit. He got along well with our volunteer’s greyhound and whippet.

He is a great walker. He loves to go for walks and is fairly tireless. He meets people along the way with tail wags and has “pet me please” written on his face all the time. He will spend all his time wherever you are. His former family worked from home, so he’s not accustomed to being left behind for long periods, but he is very happy to see you come home. He is playful and energetic which is unlike most greyhounds, but he does still sleep most of the day away.

If you are looking for a true companion dog to take along, Hurley is YOUR dog!! If you already have a laid back, chill greyhound, Hurley would be a great companion as well.