Foley is a handsome young brindle boy who is just beginning to learn about home life. He is very bright and has already learned how to ring the bells on the back door to let us know he needs to go out. Sometimes he also rings the bells when he is bored and wants attention. He enjoys walks around the neighborhood and is usually really good on the leash except for when he spots a squirrel. Normally, he responds very well to correction and then continues the walk. He loves meeting new people on his walks and at the pet store. He gets along with the resident senior greyhound, but sometimes he wants to play more than she does.

Foley has discovered he likes squeaky toys and soft dog beds. He also likes to chase balls in the backyard and toss them so they bounce and he can catch them again. Inside the house he is normally well-behaved, but he is a very curious boy and enjoys exploring. We have learned to leave our closet door closed or we will sometimes find our shoes on his bed. So far he hasn’t been chewing on them, just collecting them. We are trying to discourage this behavior. He isn’t a fan of his crate, but we are working on that as well.

Foley likes to be a part of any activity in the house and will sometimes whine (or ring the bells) if he feels he is being left out. He follows us if we are moving around the house and will sometimes imitate his foster sister’s behavior. If the people are working on the computer or watching television, he normally finds a quiet spot to take a nap or plays with a toy for a little while. Foley is a sweet silly boy who has the potential to make the right person very happy.