At home Daisy is accepting of love and will occasionally put her nose on you for a little more scratching and petting. Most of the time she will not seek out love. She does gravitate to the room where the people are. She doesn’t seem interested in toys but she gathers shoes and slippers. She does not chew them (but we do not leave them with her) She spends a lot of time sleeping and is comfortable in her crate or in a corner on a blanket. She does not get up on couches or beds. She sleeps through the night in her crate or in the bedroom and does not make any sounds. She seems quiet and comfortable with short times alone in the house. She is not very treat motivated but is motivated by food at meal times and is starting to take treats from us. For a while she was scared of our back yard or back door which made getting her outside to potty tricky. However, she seems to have gotten over her fear of going out the back door to the yard. We’ve learned to leave the door open and when she decides she wants to go she will. She loves walks and does well on lead and does not display any aggressive behavior to barking dogs behind fences or on walks. She does not seem driven at all to chase anything small like birds or cats that she sees at a distance. She is inconsistent with going potty on lead. We have found that she likes riding in the car and does really well with that activity.

Daisy is a work in progress, she will require patient owners who can plan carefully to have a consistent routine. She can be frightened and has a good memory of the things that have frightened her (garage door opening). Daisy is intelligent and seems dominant at times. She can be stubborn on lead if she thinks the walk needs to go longer, she will just stop rather than go to the house. She seems quite happy to wait you out to get what she wants. Someone who has some experience with basic dog training and behaviors would probably be the best fit for Daisy. She may even benefit from having another dog who knows the routine. Of course that is just speculation since we don’t have another dog in our home.

– Daisy’s Foster Parents