Backwoods Tyson

Backwoods Tyson is a tall, gorgeous 75 lbs. red brindle male with white chest and feet. His striking good looks and bouncing, silly personality make him a walking conversation piece. Outgoing, playful and energetic, 15 month old Tyson is more of a lover than a fighter–he loves meeting new people and is not shy at all! Tyson retired early due to playing/distracting other dogs while training for the racetrack. Tyson likes to sing along with the radio in the car, and is not a fan of being alone or crated; however, he is learning that when his foster humans leave, there’s no reason to cry–they always come back. He is all boy: has a good appetite and energy to burn; Tyson would benefit from someone who will have patience and consistency teaching this young fellow the rules of the house. (Boys are sometimes messy, you know, but always full of love!) Great with other medium and large dogs, Tyson’s cat and kid testing were successful. He would do well with older children and firm, loving adult(s) who are home to include him in daily activities; best suited for in an active home with doggie companions. A greyt candidate for doggie day care while humans are away!