Angelo is a very special greyhound. He is a bright, affectionate, outgoing male with a sweet puppyish curiosity and always wants to help with whatever you’ve got going on. Doing laundry? Digging in the garden? Unloading groceries? Going for a run? He will be by your side and likes to see how it all works. He is good to jog up to 3 miles so far, working on toughening up those tender foot pads. He loves attention – whether you are trimming his nails, brushing his teeth, or brushing him, he loves to be groomed. He even insists on belly rubs from passersby at Meet and Greet events. He has very good leash manners and is always excited to go on a walk. He does not get on furniture and even knows tricks: sit, shake hands, lie down, roll over. He will sleep until the alarm rings, and then he’s ready to go. He learns very quickly and is extremely smart. Not cat friendly, Angelo is gentle with small dogs, and would like a home with another female dog companion to provide the leadership he needs. He’ll thrive in a home with an experienced greyhound adopter.